We offer multiple disciplines, all under one roof

Are you interested in a complete and practical self-defence system?  Then Hapkido is the Martial Art for you!
The way of the hand and foot. A fast, explosive and powerful martial art that has also been an Olympic Sport since 2000.
 A mixed weapons martial art style, has been developed for sport and self defence.
The way of the Sword. Become swift, precise and reactive learning this dynamic and exciting martial art.

Grand Master Young Seol Ryoo

Our friendly Grandmaster originates from South Korea and has over 40 years experience in studying and teaching various martial arts, predominantly Hapkido.

His benevolent nature is open minded, presenting peace and harmony yet he possesses a formidable arsenal of techniques. He has strong affiliations with Hapkido's largest organisation the Korea Hapkido Federation which ensures purity and unity for our college. Grandmaster Ryoo is commended by many Korean and Australian martial artists alike for constructing a traditional, professional and effective training curriculum for all ages!